USA, C-Fam, center for family & human rights

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USA, C-Fam, center for family & human rights

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Ein Hinweis auf C-Fam


Raising Awareness on Gestational Surrogacy Among Vulnerable Women in Developing Countries
Daniela Bandelli. Ph.D.
Gestational surrogacy (GS) is a growing reproductive practice through which adults obtain offspring by contracting a third woman to undergo impregnation through artificial techniques and to give birth to a child who is not genetically related to her.

C-Fam Written Statement at the 54th Session of the Commission on Population and Development
C-Fam Staff
Half a century ago, there was widespread concern that unless population growth was significantly reduced, mass starvation would result. While global fertility rates have fallen in many regions, continued population growth coupled with increased life expectancy has produced a current population far greater than what was seen as sustainable in the mid-twentieth century.

Fear of Losing Is Costing Conservatives the Culture Wars
Stefano Gennarini, J.D.
Two big news items for social conservatives dropped in America this week. South Dakota’s Republican governor Kirsti Noem vetoed a law that would ban biological men from women’s sports. And…

Letter Revealed Announcing U.S. Withdrawal from Pro-Life Declaration
The Biden administration sent a letter to UN ambassadors announcing U.S. withdrawal from an historic pro-life declaration initiated by the Trump administration and co-sponsored by countries representing regions all over the world.
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